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As an approved IT Labs Partner you will receive a considerable commission on all Computer repair cases you forward to us. As a result you will earn more revenue for your company and provide better service for your clients.

Our Partnership Program is ideal for:
  • Computer Resellers/Dealers
  • IT Maintenance companies
  • System Integrators
  • OEMs and organizations
  • IT Consultants
  • Computer Repair and Support Experts
Customer Referral Program The Customer Referral Program is designed for organizations to refer their clients who have computer repair needs in return for a generous commission. Your customers will receive an outstanding service offered by IT Labs. This will also increase the value of your own organization in the eyes of your customer.

The Customer Referral Partner is free and there are no commitments on your part.

This is how Customer Referral Program works:
  • Give your Client our details.
  • Ask them to contact us for their repairing needs. Ensure they mention you referred them.
  • We will help them directly and keep them updated.
  • We will bill your client directly.
  • Once the work is completed we will let you know the result and process the payment. This is a commission based fee you will earn on each referral.
Reward amounts range from 10% to 25% as follows: 10% reward for 1-10 received jobs per month
15% reward for 11-20 received jobs per month
20% reward for 21-30 received jobs per month
25% reward for 31+ received jobs per month

If you consider our Partnership Program, please fill out this form or call us at 022-2436 8710